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DoItMart™ Interactive Smart Robot Pet Feeding Toys for Cats and Dogs

DoItMart™ Interactive Smart Robot Pet Feeding Toys for Cats and Dogs

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Engage Your Pets with Interactive Smart Robot Feeding Fun!🤖

Elevate Pet Playtime: Our intelligent robot tumbler toy guarantees endless entertainment! The rolling balance system keeps it steady against your pet's most spirited pushes. Treat your furry pals to extended engagement with a playful feeding experience, complete with captivating swinging motions. Fun for cats and dogs alike!" 🐕🐱

Improve IQ

🐾 Encourage interactive problem-solving as your pet moves the toy with their nose or paws, enhancing their IQ and coordination.🤔✨

Healthy Slow Feeding

🐾 Fill with your pet's favorite treats for active, healthy slow feeding, protecting their stomach and promoting digestive health. 🦴🥣

Perfect Playtime

🐾 Inspire enthusiasm for learning, replacing dull rubber toys and chew sticks. Reduce destructive behavior and keep your pet active and entertained. 🎉🚫

Safe and Easy

🐾 Made from strong ABS material, safe and non-toxic. Simply add treats, no assembly needed. Easy to clean – rinse with warm soapy water and dry. 🛡️🍽️


🐾 Treats should be no larger than 1.2cm in diameter to fit through the hole. Not suitable for aggressive chewers. 🦷🙅‍♂️

Product Information

  • Category: Gnawing Toys
  • Material: ABS
  • Weight: 300g
  • Colors: Black, Lake Blue, Yellow, Green
  • Size: 13.8 * 8 * 11cm

Packing List

  • ️ Food Leaker: 1 piece



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