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DoItMart™ Interactive Dog Food Feeder and Dispenser

DoItMart™ Interactive Dog Food Feeder and Dispenser

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Effortless Feeding, Happy Tails: Your Dog's Best Friend!

Introducing the brand new Interactive Dog Food Tumbler – a high-quality and engaging way to treat your furry friend! Crafted with care and designed for interactive fun, this feeder toy is made from environmentally friendly PC material that's non-toxic and safe for your pet. 🐶💖

Interactive Play

🐾 Our tumbler features a bell inside and a unique design that piques your dog's curiosity, making playtime engaging and exciting. It's a fantastic source of interactive fun for most dogs, keeping them mentally and physically stimulated. 🤩

Slow Feeding Design 

🐾  With its built-in slow food structure, this tumbler effectively controls your dog's feeding speed, preventing indigestion while promoting healthy eating habits. It also doubles as an interactive toy that enhances playtime. 🍽️🐶

Favorite Treats and Food

🐾 Fill the tumbler with your dog's favorite treats or food, transforming mealtime into an enjoyable challenge. This not only prevents gulping but also turns feeding into an entertaining experience your pet will love. ❤️

Trustworthy and Durable

🐾 Crafted with quality in mind, our tumbler is a durable playmate that your dog won't want to part with. Its engaging design ensures long-lasting fun for your furry companion. 🐶🛠️

IQ Enhancement

🐾 Beyond its entertainment value, this toy is an invaluable tool for increasing your pet's IQ. By encouraging problem-solving and active play, it promotes mental growth and agility. 🧠📚


  • Type: Automatic Feeder
  • Dog Size: Universal
  • Material: PC / ABS / Iron
  • Number of Bowls: 1
  • Life Stage: Universal
  • LCD Display: No
  • Color Options: Green, Pink



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