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DoItMart™ Cat & Dog Hair Remover & Massage Brush

DoItMart™ Cat & Dog Hair Remover & Massage Brush

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Fur-free and Fabulously Relaxed Pets!

Say goodbye to furry fiascos with our Cat Comb Massage Pet Magic Comb. This innovative grooming tool is designed to keep your furry friends looking and feeling their best while making your life easier too! 😺🐶

Regular Combing Benefits

🐾 Prevent your pets from swallowing excessive hair, reducing trichome troubles. 🚫🌟

Hair Knot Prevention

🐾 Say farewell to pesky hair knots that can be a real hassle. Our comb untangles and smoothens your pet's coat effortlessly. 🌀

Bacteria Be Gone

🐾 Keep your pet's fur fresh and clean. Regular combing helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. 🧼🌿

Promotes Blood Circulation

🐾 Treat your pets to a soothing massage with every stroke. Our comb promotes healthy blood circulation, leaving them feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 💆‍♂️💖

Product Information

  • Net Weight: 83g
  • Available Colors: Green, Yellow, Purple
  • Materials: Made from durable ABS and stainless steel
  • Size: 195 * 94 * 46mm

Use Instructions

  1. Prepare: Find a comfortable and quiet space for your pet. Make sure they are relaxed.
  2. Select a Color: Choose from our vibrant color options to suit your pet's personality.
  3. Hold Gently: Hold the Cat Comb Massage Pet Magic Comb with a gentle grip.
  4. Comb Smoothly: Start combing your pet's fur, moving in the direction of hair growth. Be gentle and patient, especially if your pet is new to grooming.
  5. Enjoy the Massage: Watch your pet relax as they enjoy a soothing massage during the grooming process.
  6. Regular Use: For best results, use this comb regularly to keep your pet's fur knot-free and healthy.

Packing List

  • Pet Comb: 1 piece



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